Sidorovka Paradise 20.08.15-27.08.15
11th week of 2015 season has come to its end. This time we accepted 5 guests from Finland.
As we expected not good results of previous weeks were results of lack of experience among guests together with weather conditions. More experienced 5 guests from Finland without extra efforts caught 36 salmon, taking into account that some of them have injuries that did not allow them to walk long distances. Water level dropped drastically, in some places river is very slow. Despite all this, there is fish in the river, which is not very active but still could be caught. At the beginning of the week, water temperature was +13C, later due to cold weather and rains it dropped down up to 11,5C. Air temperature 7-12C. First half of the week was sunny, then it became chilly, cloudy and rainy; wind changed often. The biggest salmon caught was 91cm. No records unfortunately. Fish caught was of different sizes; however, activity of dark fish obviously decreased. F.e. at Lower Aquarium, below Sphinx, there were two huge salmon, which were not interested in any of our flies, however smaller salmon nearby were hooked. A couple of good samples were lost. All in all fishing was not bad taking into account conditions. Surprisingly salmon did not like surfers and other dry flies, however was interested in heavy flies of different size. Saying good bye to our Friends from Finland we hope that their colleagues will be more lucky next week, as time when dark fish became active is coming.

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