Drozdovka 22.08.15-29.08.15
On the second last week of 2015 season, we accepted 5 fishermen from St. Petersburg and 1 from Kazakhstan. For two of them this was the first salmon fishing in their lives and managed to distinguish themselves on the first day of fishing. Alexander from Alma-Ata landed 80cm salmon at Lake pool after 15 minutes of long fight. Golden Killer fly did its job. Igor though caught 60cm salmon, but it was fresh one. He also hooked 70cm salmon on Golden Killer, but did not managed to land it. As a result, these two guys were rewarded by 2 pins for first salmon in their life. The rest fishermen from this group were not so lucky: one landed 61cm salmon and several lost fish. It was difficult to explain why fishing was so slow and why fish did not like our flies: water temperature was 11C-12C, air temperature was 10C-15C, water level was like in prime time in July, there is fresh fish in the river. What else is needed for good fishing? However, something went wrong and fish was absolutely inactive. Guests run to upper waterfall hoping to catch a trophy. Very difficult fishing was relieved by great fishing for local and sea trout, which entered the river.
All in all this week guests caught 3 salmon: fresh one of 60cm and two others, which stayed in the river for some time. 5 salmon were lost while being landed. As by catch there were 20 local trout (max 55cm), 13 sea trout (max 55cm) - half of them were caught in the sea, and the rest in the river- and a couple of pink salmon.

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