Drozdovka 08.08.15-15.08.15
This year we observe real nothern weather on Kola peninsula - cold, rainy, foggy and windy in August. On the one hand such weather keeps good water level (like in the beginning of July), water temperature did not go upper than +13C, thus salmon continue running upstream. On the other hand heavy fogs and strong winds make helicopter transfers rather difficult. If in my last report I mentioned about heavy fog, then this time Drozdovka was fully covered with incredible blinding fog, so that neither river nor lake could be seen from the Camp. Due to this arrival of new guests was delayed till next morning. So, even though a bit later but a new week of this season had started, and it could be easily called Italian week (despite the fact that 2 guests of this week were from Russia) - Italian coffee, cheese, olives and so on.. plus selection of red wine served as pleasant addition to fishing impression of guests. And their optimism and ability to enjoy every moment of this life ispires everybody at Camp.
Coming back to fishing.
Day1. Arriving to the Camp only in the morning, guests immediately started to prepare their gear, while chef was cooking breakfast. that day it was kind of observing fishing: there were some bites, losts and a couple of pink salmon.
Day2. The first to land salmon was Mauruzio. He caught 87cm salmon on SurfBoard at Lower Aquarium. Alberto landed absolutely fresh grilse (65cm). Another one to increse the statistics was Tiziano by catching 63cm salmon on the Top of the Lake. Last two salmon were caght on Golden Killer. Five active bites were on dry flies at Finnpool and Lake outflow. Unfortunately salmon managed to escape from the hook.
Day3. This day met us with sunny and calm Italian weather. Air temperature jumped over +20C. Alberto caught two absolutely fresh fish: 66cm (Azzurro, Golden Killer) and 73cm (Corner, Green Highlander). And one more salmon (obviously over one meter) was hooked at Corner pool, but after some fight it escaped but already at lower part of Azzurro pool. These events were enhansed with rather good sea fishing - 15 sea trout of maximum 53-55cm size. The week before last Gzegorz from Poland gave us a couple of lessons when and how to fish for huge sea trout thus totally broke the mould of sea fishing settled at Drozdovka Camp.
Day4. Summer was over. Cold nothern weather came back. Rather difficult conditions for long walks, but we decided to go to the second waterfall testing all the pools on our way above the first waterfall. Two salmon were hooked by Maurizio (on black Woolly Bugger) at Kauketsjavr lake inflow: one salmon (80cm) was landed and ano6ther onemanaged to escape. Dark salmon of 67cm in size was also caught there on Undertaker without red and green. At the lake outflow Alberto rather nice local trout about 56cm. The last one who caught salmon that day was Maurizio. He landed slightly dark salmon (78cm) at Lower Aquarium on Golden Killer.
It should be noticed that 20 fresh salmon stayed at the first waterfall. We managed to hook some of them, but did not manage to land. What we had seen proved the fact that salmon constantly enter the river. Unfortunately we get to first waterfall only on our way back from Upper Drozdovka and we did not have enough time to fish it thoroughly.
Day5. At Plates Tiziano got 3 absolutely fresh salmon (65,65 and 70cm) and lost 2 ones. All salmon was hooked on Golden Killer with red frill (this fly was tied the day before at dining tent to the clinking of glasses with Tuscan wine). And as final cord for one hour Alberto caught 3 salmon (55,78 and 86cm) at Lake pool on Woolly Bugger with orange head by stripping.
Finally Russian guests managed to hook 3 salmon. Unfortunately, all of them were lost. However, the one which Dmitry hooked at Wire pool was clearly over one meter.
Day6. Heavy rain and stormy wind made guests fish on Lair, Bar and Fly Tying pools. However, the most stubbon went fishing after dinner, though not all. River presented us fresh salmon about 70cm plus 7 pink salmon at Corner pool. Aleksey hooked rather big fish at Lake pool.
As a result, on the 10th week of the season guests caught 15 salmon (the biggest was 87cm), half of them were over 70cm. 6 salmon were just from the sea. 17 salmon were lost. There were lots of bites on dry flies. Though no salmon were landed on dry fly, the process itself brought some aesthetic enjoyment, indeed big salmon were also inolved in this.
As bycatch there were 10 local trout (the biggest one was 56cm), 16 sea trout (the biigest one was 56cm) and 12 pink salmon. Fishing is rather hard and requires a lot of walking and serching for active fish.
One of the guests, Maurizio, deserves special respact, as being 68 years old, he managed to approach Drozdovka inflow into the Kauketsjavr Lake (this is above the first waterfall). If I'm not mistaken, he is the first flly fisher men of such an age, who managed to get there by walking. he walked and fished on a par with other guests and his excitement could be only envied. After all he caught the biggest fish of the week.

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