Drozdovka 01.08.15-08.08.15
Group from Finland were not very lucky. Due to bad weather they lost 2 days of fishing. We haven't seen such a fog at Drozdovka for a long time. Previous group left Drozdovka Camp on Tuesday morning instead of Saturday. Finnish group arrived by the same helicopter. And fortunately they managed to arrive rather soon, as weather became non-flying again closer to the evening. Water temperature stayed the same - +9C, air temperature went up to +14C.
On the first day of fishing 6 guests from Finland landed 12 salmon, 4 among them were 78,83,85 and 98cm. On the next day they caught 9 salmon, but what a salmon that were! Only 2 grilse, 2 salmon over 90cm (91cm,95cm) and one fish - 114cm. The last one were landed by Sami on a single-handed rod!
The third day was not so productive, however it presented us sunny weather during the day and water temperature jumped up. By the way, during last month we saw sun only for a couple of days. Only 4 salmon were caught this day, but one of them was 81cm. Surprisingly, they did not catch anything at Sea pool, though last week fishing for sea trout was really good (70 trout). Fourth day brought us fresh salmon of 83cm caught by Jouni at Lake pool. Several huge samples were observed jumping in the river. So big salmon still continues running upstream (not only grilse), though it's already August. On the other hand water level in the river is more than satisfying, water temperature varied between +10C-+13C, so that fishermen who arrives in August on the following weeks should be lucky. On the fourth day we also caught salon of 76cm in length at Aquarium pool and 8 grilse. It should be noted , that this group checked with their flies every millimeter of each possible fishing spot up to second waterfall. As usual, they caught with their magic fleis like Surf and heavy flies with plumb (more precisely flies tied on jig head), various leaches with sharp black marabou and fluo colors in the head. As a result, for four days 36 salmon were caught, 10 among them were about 70-91cm, two fish of 20lbs (95cm and 98cm) and one record fish 114cm, such samples are met rather rare. It should be noted that Sami caught not only record fish of the season, but 16 salmon out of 36. More than that, 9 salmon managed to escaped from our hooks after a long fight. As a bycatch 13 local trout about 40-50cm were caught.
We'd like to congratulate our Finnish friends. For 3,5 days they got a good result. That proves that they are very good fishermen.

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