Drozdovka 25.07.15-01.08.15
The beginning of the week brought joy with warm weather (+12C) which warm up water to +12C. Rains had stopped and water level began to drop down, although being still comfortable for fly fishing. Grilse actively ran upstream, indulging fly fishermen with agressive bites. It became more difficult to catch big salmons. However, out of 5 guests of the Camp (2 from Moscow, 2 from Poland and 1 from Finland) there turned to be one expert, who destinguished himself by catching trophey salmon. Janne went to upper waterfall on the first day of fishing and going downstreem to lower waterfall caught 14 salmon of 102cm, 90cm, 87cm, 86cm,85cm, 73cm, 72cm and 7 grilse. Other fishermen were not so lucky with big size salmon, however the caught grilses. Artur from Poland managed to hook a meter salmon at Guiding hole pool, but fish turned out to be a strong rival and after great fight escaped from his hook. Polish fishermen were also good at sea trout fishing. They caught over 70 samples of 40-55cm, as bycatch there were arctic char and pink salmon. Also fishermen caught about 50 samples of local trout, one third of which were of 55-62cm. In the middle of the week there were 2 days of summer (temperature jump up to +17C), so fishing was rather hard. However, Janne managed to land salmon of 108cm under waterfal, plus a couple of salmon twins of 72cm and 73cm at Corner pool. By the end of the week cold nothern weather came back (+7C), mist fall and water cooled down. Rains that also have started may save good water level. Week results (taking into account prolonging due to non-flying weather): 64 salmon were hooked, 40 of which were landed and measured. 31 salmon of them were caught by Janne (records 102cm and 108cm).
Bycatch: local trout 40 samples, sea trout 70 samples, arctic char - 2 samples, pink salmon - 4 samples.
P.S. due to non-flying weather forecast trip was prolonged for several days.

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