Sidorovka Paradise 06.08.15-13.08.15
The 9th week of this season passed. This time we accepted a group of fishermen from Ufa. To say the truth, fishing was not very good. First of all, not all members of this group were experienced, in the next place, water continued to drop drasticaly, that could not but influence fishing. At the moment water level is very low. Dark colored salmon could be observed, but not yet on the hook. Most of the caught fish is still rather fresh. However, two guests (father and son) from the group got their pins for first Atlantic salmon. General result - 22 salmon per week per group. Regarding weather, sometimes fogs and rains were replaced by pleasant warmth and vice versa. Average air temperature was about 12-14C. Water temperature, which jumped up to 14C at the beginning of the week, dropped down till 13C and stayed the same till the end of the week. Regarding flies, small dark with red elements and Golden Killer, as usual. Sometimes heavy microtubes on cones were productive. Let's wait for results of the next week.

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