Sidorovka Paradise 23.07.15-30.07.15
The seventh week of the season has passed: This time we welcomed guests from hot Spain. Our old friend and agent George Luis brought a group of first-timers to turn them on to the beauty of Sidorovka and gain some experience in Atlantic salmon fishing.To say the truth, at the beginning I was a bit confused and concerned about results of this week, after all 5 of them had no experience of salmon fishing. As it turned out I was right: ineffectually chosen gear, weeak casting technique and so on... so there were reasons to become sad.However, we do not have way out as usual. Having a negotiation with George as a group leader, I offered him my plan, which was agreed and realized. And so it started: after dinner we had classes of theory and tactics of salmon fishing in general and at Sidorovka precisely, then casting clinic, which sometimes finished at 2am-3am. And during the day we practiced all this. I should say that students were very hardworking and grateful. Especially, I`d like to notice Manuel`s progress. Anyway, this week came to its end and everybody was rewarded according to his work. Persistent Manuel became a fair champion of the week. All in all group caught 54 salmon. Unfortunately without any trophey. However, we think that this result is not bad and maybe even good for newcomers and not only for them.. Regarding weather, it was rather chilly and sometimes windy. Air temperature was about +6C-+10C. Only last day was sunny. Water temperature kept being +10C for the whole week.Water level dropped a little, but it was still fine. The best flies were ones of small size on single and double hooks: green butt, undertaker, of course, Golden Killer; surfers and bombers were also good.

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