Drozdovka 18.07.15-25.07.15
This week we accepted 7 guests from Moscow and Mongolia. For all of them this was their first salmon fishing in their life, and only 2 of them know how to fish with fly fishing rod. General results were rather good - 32 hooked fish, 18 of which were successfully landed. The biggest salmon - 86cm, caught by Grigoriy at Corner pool. The next in size salmon (80cm) was caught by Mongolian fly fishing Instructor Bayarsaikhan also at Corner pool. Nika, 12 year old girl from Moscow, caught first salmon in her life. Tinda entered the river, but fishing was rather hard and there were almost no bites of big salmon. Water temperature - +11C, air temperature - +8-+12C. Water level began to drop, but it is still comfortable for fishing. Fishing at Sea pool became rather active, where sea trout up to 1kilo.

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