Video sketch made by our guest Renat Muslimov, while visiting Maksim tented camp nested in the upper part of Sidorovka river.

The video sketch filmed by our guest, Ilya Adamenko, who visited to upper part of Sidorovka river in 2012 fishing season.


Brief report about fishing in first part of the season at lake Maksim and some recommendations to the fishermen from the camp manager of Maksim Camp, Igor Matiukhov (2012).
The lake Maksim is a wonderful place with prompt and frequent change of weather. There were daily light rains followed by bright close Arctic sun and associated with low temperatures at night. It was almost always windy, but it helped to escape mosquitos. Terrain characteristics resembles lunar landscape. Low tuffets, no trees, only tundra dwarf vegetation. Fauna here is represented by reindeer, glutton, fox, polar fox, bear, partridge and web-footed birds. There are a lot of mushrooms and berries. Fish fauna is very diverse, here youll find white fish, trout, pike and char. In rare quiet evenings surface of lake the lake boils with feeding fish. Regarding fly choice, Id recommend Wooly Bugger, Maddler, Golden Killer, Zonker, various streamers of pink and purple colors, during windless conditions dry flies like godard, caddis and adams on 38-10 hooks are productive. Fishing bites are very aggressive, theres almost no  blank hits. Regarding tackle for trout fishing Id recommend single-handed rods of 5-7 weight, leaders 0,1. The width of the leader does not embarrass fish but gives you assurance in landing it. The main and the most challenging fishing takes place at Sidorovka river, which flows through the lake Maksim. Along 5-7km of the river you will have amazing fishing for trout, white fish and main pearl of Kola peninsula Atlantic salmon. Trout is rather numerous and  aggressive; it is mostly caught on streamers, and on dry fly at still river reaches. Most frequent size of trout is up to 2kg, but pleasing heavy trophies could also be met. This camp is considered to be trout camp, but number of salmon in catches allows nicely diversify fishing program. Flies for salmon: Green Butt, Golden Killer, Sanray Shaddow, Monkey. For salmon fishing at upper Sidorovka Id recommend to have light double-handed rod switch will be the best variant, however single rods of 6-8 weight will work too. Since the Sidorovka here has flat shores, guests could use all kinds of casts, even overhead wont cause any problems. Gear is standard for a fly-fishermen, but we highly recommend to have a wading stick and landing net with you.
Camp hospitality, considerate staff, tasty cuisine and coziness of long room will gladden the tired guests after pleasant fishing day.


Test program in 2010 season:

July,20th of 2010: Second week of fishing season at Maksim camp on upper Sidorovka river came to its end. The group on 13-19 July 2010 consisted of 6 fishermen from Russia. Despite the fact, that on the first day of trip fishing failed because of storm wind, for the rest 5 days they made up for lost time. All in all they caught: 222 trout, 8 salmon, 63 char, 4 whitefish/ More than 60 trout were over 1 kilo. The biggest salmon was 7 kg (80cm). Best result in number of caught trout 20 samples per day per rod. We wish good luck to these guys and hope to see them again at our camps in future.

July, 16th of 2010: News from Maksim Lake Trout Tented Camp, nested in the upper part of the river Sidorovka. On Tuesday, 13 July 2010, the second group of fishermen, this time from Russia, arrived to the camp. The first day of fishing was interfered by hurricane, strong wind stroke down and rocked the tents. All day the group stayed in cabins waiting for better weather, which occurred only on Thursday. And that day the guys have caught over 40 trout (the largest 2 kg), 4 white fish (average weight about 1 kg each) and two salmon. We are waiting for the results of Friday`s fishing.

Test program in 2009 season:

This year test program on Maksim lake and upper Sidorovka was carried out by the forces of 5 groups. Programs aim was to explore the lake and river in respect to sport fishing.  The very first days of test fishing showed that there is enough fish in the river and size of fish  from the first catches set for optimistic mood and opportunity to catch trophy samples. Fishing for trout, whitefish, salmon, char and pike was good. Almost every angler of the programs participants  managed to catch all named above fish, and everybody without exceptions was pleased with their trip. Fishing, crystal clear waters, fresh air and extraordinary power of this place left no one indifferent. Program showed that  biological diversity of fish fauna, its quantity and size, unearth and utterless beauty of this place requires camps setting and sportfishing arranging.

20-23/07 technical week, tents setting
Warm weather, rare small rains, moderate wind. Trout fishing was good from the bank on the lake. In calm weather it is seen how great numbers of whitefish that is mostly caught on dry flies comes out to water surface. While fishing for whitefish you should use thin leader, no more than 0,14mm. River surprised with large numbers of trout, that showed its backs hunting for dayflies.

Lots of fish was caught. First salmon was caught in the outflow from the first pool that river makes. All in all fishing impressed and distracted from camp setting.

23-30/07 week group from St.Petersburg
Good weather, almost without rains, low water level.  This week upper and middle part of Maksim lake, lake that separated from Maksim by small isthmus and those parts of river Sidorovka that flows in and flows out of lake Maksim were examined.
In the upper and middle part of Maksim  several samples of trout and pike were caught on spoon trolling and spinning, and lots of trout and whitefish were caught on flies. In the river, upper inflow to the lake, where there are a lot of repids, trout fishing was also good and some comings out of salmon on fly were mentioned. In the part where river flows out of the lake fished for trout, whitefish and salmon. 

Average fisher caught  about 10 fish per day. The biggest salmon was 83sm, trout 70sm, whitefish about 1kg. All species of fish were caught. During the week 370 samples of trout and 14 samples of salmon were caught. That was the best week of the program.

30.07-06/08 Moscow group
Good warm weather without rains, calm wind. Waterlevel is still rather low. In the nearest lake to Maksim pike were caught. Fished with fly fishing and spinfishing. In the upper Sidorovka, where it flows into the lake, trout and small pike were caught. In the lake that is half an hour walk from camp along the right  bank of Sidorovka char and trout can be caught. Going down Sidorovka from the lake trout and salmon were caught.  Nearby electric power transmission line to the left from the river at lake char fishing is good.

Average fisher caught 5-6 fish per day. Fish were smaller in comparison to previous week. However, salmon caught this week was 1sm longer 85sm. All species of fish were caught. During the week 180 samples of trout and 15 samples of salmon were caught.

06-13/08 group from Belorussia and Ukraine
Warm weather, calm wind, seldom strong wind. Rare rains. Low water level in the river.
Parts of Sidorovka river upper and lower the lake were fished. Right side of upper part of the lake was examined. Fishing this week was almost the same as previous. Average fisher caught 5-6 fish per day. All species of fish were caught.
During the week 175 samples of trout and 8 samples of salmon were caught.

13-20/08 Moscow team
Strong wind and heavy rains during first 2 days. Rest of the week good weather. Little water was thrown to the lake from the river by strong wind, so that water level went up a bit. All named above fishing beats were fished over. Fly fishing had worse results in comparison to previous weeks. On the other hand spinfishers were success.  While fish almost did not react to the fly, it hunt  for wobbler as leopard. The biggest salmon caught on wobbler was 102sm. Average number of fish caught on flies was 4-5 fish per day. Spinfisher caught at least  two times more in numbers. All species of fish were caught. During the week 140 samples of trout and12 samples of salmon were caught.

20-27.08 group of Bashkiria
Changeable weather. Last day before departure there was strong wind with rain. Waterlevel was the same. Fishing the same as on previous weeks, average number of fish caught on flies was 4-5 fish per day.  The biggest salmon was 86-87sm.
On the day with the worst weather char fishing on the lake that is half an hour walk from camp was good.  All species of fish were caught. During the week 140 samples of trout and11 samples of salmon were caught.


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