FISHING IN KOLA INSTRUCTIONS FOR NEWCOMERS from an experienced Kola traveller

Welcome to the best salmon rivers of the world! The golden age for salmon fishermen on the Kola Peninsula is still going on. Flyfishing in Kola reminds us of those times in the past when the fishermen were few, waters were crystal clear and the salmon abounded. Your travel organizer has done a lot of work to make your unforgettable fishing experiences to come true on the Kola rivers. Most of the salmon fishers agree that Russia’s Kola Peninsula is incomparable to any other fishing in amount and quality of the salmon. Our long experience has proved that knowledge of some basic aspects of fishing in Kola is of great use for the new fishing clients: Follow strictly the fishing regulations! Remember always to use barbless hooks (no trebles!) and remember also a due treatment of the landed fish and its revival before releasing it back to the river.

Salmon - passed on to us by our forefathers, is granted to us only as a loan from our children. Show respect for other fishermen and for the staff at the fishing camp! Everybody does his best to guarantee you a happy and successful fishing. Promote for your own part everybody’s comfort at the camp. Listen to the guides’ advice -they are very experienced and reliable fishermen. Remember to leave decent tips. Take care of your good physical condition both before and during the fishing trip (and why not also after it!). Fishing on many of the Kola rivers often demands active moving about in a changing and rugged country. Usually there is a huge river area for you to examine thoroughly. Still, if needed, there are always some pools close by to the camp that are easier to reach.. Consider carrying rods that have three or more sections!

There is a lot of flying involved, so the less space your rods take, the better - and it makes carrying them easier for you too. Do not rely on only one special rod and reel - accidents can always happen in the middle of the wilderness. Make good use of your different fly lines! Particularly during the early season fishing the deeper water demands a line that sinks quickly enough. In general use the intermediate-line is pretty good. Reserve some 200 yards/meters of backing and check that the reel drag works smoothly. Tie or bug yourself big enough selection of different kinds of flies! Pay special attention to the strength of your flies - on the rivers of the Kola Peninsula flies get worn more easily than somewhere else. Suitable fly-sizes for these rivers are generally 2, 4 and 6, both singles and doubles. Black, orange and brown are the most popular colours. Some of the best flies are: Black Shank, Garry, Red Butt, Green Highlander, Tippet Shrimp and also sunken and surface Bombers with different variations. Take along also a good selection of ordinary trout flies! Most of the rivers offer you a possibility to catch really fine, wild trout. The bigger (numbers 8-10) dryflies as well as silvery streamers catch well. A light travelling rod (for example a class 6) with a reel and a floating line does not take much room within your luggage. Don’t fool around with too thin leaders! Most of the Kola rivers are stony and the fish big and fierce. It is not an exaggeration, particularly at the beginning of the season to use a tippet of 0,40-0,50 mm that endures a lot of abuse. Use a loopknot (for example the Uni-knot) to maintain the mobility of the fly. A point of 0,30-0,40mm is suitable for the season’s end and also when fishing on many of the smaller rivers. Use your rod effectively! When playing a fish, use the whole bend of the rod -the aim is to release also the big salmon quickly and in good condition to continue their way. Although the fishing in the Kola Peninsula is considered being the best in the world, remember that you are dealing with the most capricious fish of the world - The Atlantic Salmon. To be successful demands rather good skills and becoming absorbed in the fishing. Still, try also to see something else than just the water. The whole nature in Kola with its birdlife, animals and spectacular scenery is unique and magnificent. Take enough film rolls with you! Suitable film speed for the changing light is 200 ASA. A waterproof Minigrip plastic bag is useful for preserving your camera and other small items.

Remember also these:
- hookhone
- mosquito repellent
- light raingear
- tape measure
- flatnose pliers
- forceps enough warm clothes
- Anglo-Russian dictionary
- water thermometer
- Minigrip plastic bags
- hiking shoes
- the medicines needed and some Band Aids


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